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Ученая Степень:


Быкова Венера Васильевна

кандидат химических наук

Заместитель директора по административной работе


Last 16 years was engaged in the synthesis and study thermotropic and lyotropic mesomorphism of Liquid Crystals. Synthesized nematic liquid crystalls of some derivatives of esters of alkyl-, alkoxy-, alkoxycarbonylcynnamic acids, esters of trans-1,4-cyclohexanecarboxylic acids, azomethynes on the base of mono- and polysubstituted diamines.


Since 1981 Ph.D degree in Chemistry (Candidate of Chemical Science). Leading scientific worker.


1965 – 1970: Studied in Ivanovo Institute of Chemical Technology on speciality "Chemical fibre". Graduated from it in 1970 year.
1979 – 1981: Studied as a extra – mural post-graduate in Ivanovo Institute of Chemical Technology in the faculty of organic chemistry. In 1981 was awarded scientific degree Candidate of Chemical Science (Organic Chemistry).

Work Experience:

Since 1977 till present work in Problem Laboratory of Liquid Crystals in Ivanovo State University. First as a Senior research worker science 1994 as a Leading scientific worker. In 1995-1997 was a member of scientific group, granted by EU (International Project “Human Capital and Mobility Network”, PECO Supplement). Since 2000 is the member of scientific group granted by EU (INTAS Program), since 1998 is a member of scientific groups granted by: Fundamental research – Universities of Russia (Moscow), RFBR, Project of the Competition Center of Fundamental Natural Science at St.-Petersburg State University of Ministry of Education (Russian Federation).

Some recent publications:

Author of more than 530 publications, among them 3 monographies and 300 papers. Secretary-in-Chief of International LC Community "Commonwealth" journal "Liquid Crystals and Their Application"(

  1. Usoltseva N., Bykova V., Zharnikova N., Alexandrov A., Semeikin A., Kazak A. Influence of meso-substituted porphyrins molecular structure on their mesogenity // Mol. Cryst. Liq. Cryst. 2010. Vol. 525. P. 184 – 193.
  2. Novikov N.V., Formirovsky K.A., Bragina N.A., Mironov A.F., Anan’eva G.A., Bykova V.V., Usol’tseva N.V. Synthesis and mesomorphism of cationic derivatives of meso-aryl-substituted porphyrins and their metal complexes // Mendeleev Communications. 2010. Vol. 20. Issue 4. P. 239 – 241.
  3. Kuznetsov V.S., Usol'tseva N.V., Zherdev V.P., Bykova V.V. Thermodynamic Study of Sodium Decyl Sulfate Solutions in the Region of Second Micellization Concentration. 2. Thermodynamic Functions of Polymorphic Micellar Transition and Components of Its Gibbis Energy // Colloid Journal. 2010. Vol. 72. № 2. P. 216 – 223.
  4. Kuznetsov V.S., Usol’tseva N.V., Zherdev V.P., Bykova V.V. Thermodynamic Study of Sodium Decyl Sulfate Solutions in the Region the Second Critical Micellization Concentration: 1. Volumetric and Heat Capacity Properties // Colloid Journal. 2009. Vol. 71. No. 6. P. 784 – 792.
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  14. Usoltseva N.V., Bykova V.V. et al. Induction of mesomorphic properties in non-mesogenic octadecyloxyphthalocyanines // Molecular Crystals. 2001. Vol.367. P.509 – 516.

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