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Yuri G. Galyametdinov

Curriculum vitae Area of teaching activities
Honours Publications
Research interests


1971: Graduated from Kazan State Technological University.
1971: Started teaching career as an assistant at TBOPS (Technologies of the Basic Organic and Petrochemical Synthesis) Department of Kazan State Technological University.
1976: Thesis defense for the degree of candidate of chemical sciences. Topic: "Synthesis and physico-chemical properties of tertiary arsines sulfides" (supervisor: prof. B.D. Chernokalsky).
1976-1981: Assistant at the Chemical Cybernetics Department.
1980-1998: Senior Researcher, Kazan Physical-Technical Institute (KPTI) of Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS).
1997: Thesis defense for the degree of Doctor of Science. Topic: "Synthesis and properties of liquid crystalline metal complexes."
1998: Principal researcher of KPTI RAS and professor at TBOPS Department (KSTU).
Since 2000: Professor of Physical and Colloid Chemistry Department (KSTU).
Since February 2005: Head of Physical and Colloid Chemistry Department (KSTU).
Chief Researcher of Kazan Physical-Technical Institute (KPTI) of Kazan Scientific Center of RAS.


Honored Scientist of the Republic of Tatarstan.
Laureate of the State Prize of the Republic of Tatarstan in science and technology.


Yu.G. Galyametdinov created and is actively developing new scientific field - development of methods for metal-containing liquid crystalline compounds obtaining, study of molecular structure, structural organization, study of a new compounds class’ physicochemical properties and specific features of their manifestation. The most important achievements of Yu.G. Galyametdinov in this field are:
  • creation of the first paramagnetic (nematic, smectic) and heterometallic liquid crystalline complexes;
  • formulation of the criteria for liquid crystallinity of transition-group elements’ complexes;
  • obtaining extensive data on the structure, structural organization and physical properties of more than 300 liquid crystal of metal complexes.
World achievement of recent years is LC complexes’ creation based on the rare-earth compounds with a record-setting value of liquid crystal magnetic anisotropy (two orders of magnitude larger than for the magnetic anisotropy of known LC) that lays foundation for the practical application of liquid crystals, controlled by magnetic field, and predetermines the development of magneto-optical liquid crystals. At the Physical and Colloid Chemistry Department under the leadership of Galyametdinov Yu.G. a new scientific direction - liquid crystals supramolecular organization for nanoorganized materials creation – is being developed.
In global practice (that is confirmed by certificates of authorship) Yu.G. Galyametdinov was the first to develop ways of using metal-LC products in chromatography and analytical chemistry.
Research interests Yu.G. Galyametdinov are not limited to low molecular weight and coordination compounds. He has a large number of works on LC metallo-polymers and macromolecular compounds with pyroelectric properties. For the application of the latest works Yu.G. Galyametdinov obtained USA, Japan, Canada, Germany and the EU patents.
Galyametdinov’s works are widely recognized by both Russian and international science: since 1984, his works are included into the annual list of the most important RAS achievements, widely cited in domestic and foreign scholars’ reviews. Over recent years Yu.G. Galyametdinov regularly participated with plenary (invited) lectures at international congresses and symposia, he is an annual participant of international conferences on liquid crystals. As a guest lecturer he worked with undergraduate and graduate students at the Universities of Japan, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, England, Poland, France and USA.


For many years Yu.G. Galyametdinov combines a large and highly successful research work with teaching at Kazan State Technological University: delivering lectures to students majoring in "Physical Chemistry", publishing educational-methodical and scientific-pedagogical works, being a supervisor of 11 PhDs students in physics and chemistry. He is a member of Dissertation Council D212.080.03.
Yu.G. Galyametdinov has often been invited as a jury member on thesis defense of Catholic University of Leuven (Belgium), has the honorary title of Honored Inventor of the USSR. In 2001 he became a laureate of the State Prize of the Republic of Tatarstan for the paper "Creating magnetic liquid crystals."


Yu.G. Galyametdinov is the author of about 300 scientific papers. Most of them are in central Russian (Proceedings of the USSR Academy of Sciences, Russian Journal of General Chemistry, Journal of Physical Chemistry etc.) and foreign (Angew. Chem., Chem-Eur. J., J. Am. Chem. Soc., Advanced Materials, Chem. Phys. etc.) journals.

Main publications:

  1. Galyametdinov Yu., Ivanova G., Ovchinnikov J., Prosvirin A., Guillon D., Heinrich B., Dunmur D.A., Bruce D.W. X-Ray and Magnetic Birefringence Studies of some Lanthanide Metallomesogens with Schiff Base Ligands. Liquid Cryst. 1996. V. 20. P. 831–833.
  2. Galyametdinov Yu., Athanassopoulou M., Griesar K., Kharitonova O., Soto-Bustamante E., Tinchurina L., Ovchinnikov J., Haase W. Syntesis and Magnetic Investigations on Rare-Containing Liquid Crystals with Large Magnetic Anisotropy. Chem. Mat. 1996. №.8. P. 922–926.
  3. Haase W., Griesar K., Soto-Bustamante E., Galyametdinov Yu. , Magnetic Investigations on Liguid Crystalline Metallopolymers. Mol. Cryst. Liq. Cryst. 1995. v.274. p. 99-111.
  4. Haase W., Griesar K., Soto-Bustamante E. A., and Galyamedtinov Y., Magnetic Investigations on Cu(II) and Fe(III)-Containing Liquid Crystalline Metallopolymers. Metal-Containing Polymeric Materials, Ed.: C. U. Pittman, N-Y-1995- p. 287 - 299.
  5. Haase W., Soto Bustamante E. A., Grossmann S., Werner , and Galyamedtinov Y., Recent Results on Liquid Crystalline Metallopolymers ACS National Meeting, New Orleans: 23.-29.03.1996, Polymer Preprints-1996-P.37, p. 783 - 784.
  6. K.Binnemans, Galyametdinov Yu., R.Van Deun, D.W.Bruce., Influence of the lanthanide contraction on the transition temperatures of rare-earth containing metallomesogens with Schiff base ligands. Chem.Phys.Lett.1999.V.300.P.509-514.
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  10. A.Turanov, I.V.Ovchinnikov Yu.G.Galyametdinov, D.Bruce. , Magnetic anisotropy of smectic A phase of lanthanide complexes derived from Schiff's bases and DOS, NO3 anions. Liquid Crystalls. 2001.V.28. No.6. P.845-850.
  11. V.S. Mironov, Yu.G. Galyametdinov, A. Ceulemans, C. Gorller-Walrand, K. Binnemans., Influence of crystal-field perturbations on the room-temperature magnetic anisotropy of lanthanide complexes. Chem.Phys.Lett. 2001. V.345. P.132-140.
  12. Yury Galyametdinov, Vadim Ksenofontov, Andrej Prosvirin, Igor Ovchinnikov, Galina Ivanova, Philipp Gutlich and Wolfgang Haase. , First Example of Coexistence of Thermal Spin Transition and Liquid Crystal Properties. Angewandte Chemie - International Edition. 2001. No.22.
  13. K. Binnemans, L. Malykhina, V.S. Mironov, W. Haase, K. Driesen, R. Van Deun, L. Fluyt, C. Gorller-Walrand and Yu.G. Galyametdinov., Probing the Magnetic Anisotropy of Lanthanide-containing Metallomesogens by Luminescence Spectroscopy ChemPhysChem. 2001. No.11. 680-683.
  14. K. Binnemans, R. Van Deun, C. Gorller-Walrand, W. Haase, D.W. Bruce, L. Malykhina and Yu.G. Galyametdinov., Anisotropic molecular magnetic materials based on liquid-crystalline lanthanide complexes Materials Science and Engineering C: Biomimetic and Supramolecular Systems. 2001.18. 247-254.
  15. Yu.G.Galyametdinov, H.B.Jervis, D.W.Bruce and K.Binnemans., Lyotropic mesomorphism of rare-earth trisalkylsulphates in water-ethylene glicol system - Liquid Cryst.-2001.Vol.28.No.12.P.1877-1879.
  16. Yu. G. Galyametdinov, O. A. Turanova, Ven Van, A. A. Knyazev, and W. Haase, Synthesis of Liquid-Crystalline Adducts of Lanthanide-Diketonates with Some Lewis Bases. Doklady Chemistry. 2002 V. 384, No. 1-3, p.144-147.
  17. Yu.G. Galyametdinov, Wen Wan, L. Malykhina, M.Darius, W. Haase., Formation of lanthanide ionnetworks by orientation of the mesophases of their complexes in magnetic field. .Liquid Crystals.2002. No.10. P.1360-1363.
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  20. A.A.Kniazev, V.S.Lobkov, Yu.G. Galyametdinov., Liquid crystalline adduct of EuIII b-diketone with 5,5'-di(heptadecyl)-2,2'-bipyridine" Russ.Chem.Bull.-2004. №. 4. С.904-905.
  21. N. M. Selivanova, V. S. Lobkov, V. P. Barabanov, K.M. Salikhov, W. Haase, and Yu. G. Galyametdinov. , Lyotropic Metallomesogens Based on a Nonionic Surfactant and Lanthanide Nitrates. Doklady Chemistry. 2005. V.401. No.1. P.51-53.
  22. W.Haase, E.Soto-Bustamante, Yu.Galyametdinov, S.Yablonsky, L.Blinov , Method for manufacturing a Pyroelectric mixture. Japan Patent No. 95146JP.1997. 9.09.
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