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Natalia A. Smirnova

Curriculum vitae Area of teaching activities
Awards Publications
Research interests


1950-1955: student, Dept. of Chemistry, Leningrad State University;
1955-1958: postgraduate student, Dept. of Chemistry, Leningrad State University;
1961: PhD in Chemistry, Moscow State University;
1973: Dr. of Chem. Science, Leningrad State University.
1959-1965: junior research fellow in the Scientific Research Institute of Chemistry, Leningrad State University;
1965-1975: senior research fellow in the Scientific Research Institute of Chemistry, Leningrad State University;
1976-present: professor of physical chemistry, Dept. of Chemistry, St.Petersburg State University;
1997-2012: Head of the Chair of Physical Chemistry, professor, Dept. of Chemistry, St.Petersburg State University.
2002-2006: N.Smirnova collaborated in the International Association of Chemical Thermodynamics. At present she is a member of several scientific boards in St.Petersburg State university, in the Russian Academy of Sciences and in the Russian Mendeleev Chemical Society.

N.A.Smirnova is a member of the editorial boards of the Russian Journal of Physical Chemistry and the journal "Liquid Crystals and their Application". During many years she was a member of the editorial boards of the international journal Fluid Phase Equilibria and of the Russian Journal of Applied Chemistry.


1987: The State prize of USSR;
1999: the deserved educator of Higher School of Russian Federation;
2003: the Order of Druzhba;
2005: Honorary professor of St.Petersburg State University;
2009: the Honored worker of Science of Russian Federation.


Physical chemistry of solutions; applied molecular statistical thermodynamics of complex fluids; thermodynamics of heterogeneous systems; experimental studies and modeling of phase equilibria, aggregation and surface properties of solutions; phase behavior of micellar systems, properties of mixed surfactant solutions and solutions containing ionic liquids.
The studies of physico-chemical properties of liquid solutions are performed using various experimental methods, thermodynamic analysis of the data, molecular thermodynamic modeling and computer simulations.
In the studies performed by N.A.Smirnova

  • new versions of molecular statistical models of associated solutions were developed;
  • the equation of state based on the quasichemical hole model was proposed and successfully applied to describe phase equilibria over a wide range of temperatures and pressures in various complex fluids, such as mixtures of gas-oil components, aqueous-organic solutions of gases (in particular, those reacting chemically with the solvent);
  • quasi-lattices models of fluids and their surface layers were formulated, taking into account the presence of different chemical groups in molecules and allowing to describe the local ordering and association;
  • during the last years the main studies of N.A.Smirnova and her research group were devoted to mixed surfactant systems and to systems containing ionic liquids, their aggregation and phase behaviour being studied both experimentally and by thermodynamic modeling.
Many studies were initiated by the applied tasks connected with the optimization of such processes as the separation of substances by rectification, absorption, extraction etc. In the 70 -80-th years the research group by N.Smirnova collaborated with several applied institutes in Russia. Surfactant compositions with a desired aggregative, phase and rheological behavior were of main interest in the studies performed in the 90-th on the agreement with Procter@Gamble Co. Later there was collaboration of the group with other companies, in particular, with the Shlumberger Co.
In the studies performed in the 2000-th
  • the effects arising from the mixing of surfactants and on the addition of salts, acids, ionic liquids were studied; the effects of additives (and those of the acidity) on the phase behavior of surfactant solutions were paid special attention [16-20, 23-29];
  • the factors contributing to the micelles growth and to the increase in viscosity were analyzed;
  • changes in the phase diagram type of semi-polar surfactant - ionic surfactant systems with changing acidity was studied;
  • a valuable (yet inaccessible in physical experiments) information about the micellar aggregates molecular structure was obtained by the molecular thermodynamic modeling and using the computer MD simulation;
  • for the first time the quasichemical micellization model was applied to solutions of ionic liquids [28].


During more than fifty years N.A. Smirnova gives lectures on physical chemistry, statistical thermodynamics and molecular theory of solutions. She is in charge of the research works on grants and contracts. Under her supervision 21 candidates and 4 Doctors of Sci have prepared and presented their thesis. N.A. Smirnova lectured at universities in Germany, France, USA, Japan and other countries. Leipzig University awarded her the honorary title of Ostwald Professor. The studies of the research group by Prof. N.Smirnova were supported by the grants of the St.Petersburg university, RFBR, INTAS, KIAS, by the President grant to the leading Research school in Russia "Physical chemistry of complex fluid systems".


Prof. N.Smirnova participated in many international conferences, often as an invited lecturer and as a member of the organizing committee, she was a co-chairman of the XIV Russian International Conference on Chemical Thermodynamics RCCT2002 (St.Petersburg, 2002) and of the European Symposium on Applied Thermodynamics (ESAT 2009, St.Petersburg).
N.A.Smirnova is the author or coauthor of several monographs and textbooks, 178 articles and around 150 presentations at the conferences.

Selected publications:

  1. N.A.Smirnova. Methods of Statistical Thermodynamics in Physical Chemistry. 2nd ed. Moscow, Visshaya shkola, 1982, 456p. (in Russian). Translated in Japan: Tokyo, Kenkutosoe, Kenkukai, 1989; in Poland: Warszawa. Panstwowe Wydawnictwo Naukowe,1980.
  2. N.A.Smirnova. Molecular Theories of Solutions. Leningrad, Chimia, 1987, 333p. (in Russian).
  3. A.G.Morachevsky, N.A.Smirnova, I.M.Balashova, I.B.Pukinsky. Thermodynamics of Diluted Nonelectrolyte Solutions. Leningrad,Chimia, 1982, 240p. (in Russian)
  4. B.P.Nikolsky, N.A.Smirnova, M.Yu.Panov et al. Physical Chemistry. Ed. by B.P.Nikolsky. Leningrad, Chimia, 1987, 880p. (in Russian).
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  6. N.A.Smirnova , A.I.Victorov. Quasilattice equations of state for molecular fluids. In: Equations of State for Fluids and Fluid Mixtures, IUPAC volume V. Ed. by J.V.Sengers, R.F.Kayser, C.J.Peters, H.L.White. Elsevier, Amst. 2000. Chapter 7, P. 255-288.
  7. E.P.Sokolova, N.F.Smirnova. Intermolecular Interactions. Textbook.2008, St.Petersburg. St.Peterburg State university. 225 p. (in Russian).
Selected Journal Articles
  1. A.V.Storonkin, N.A.Smirnova. Some problems of thermodynamics of multicomponent multiphase systems.IV. On the conditions of equilibrium and stability of multicomponent multiphase systems. Journal of Physical Chemistry (Russian). 1962. Vol. 34, P. 1963-1968 (in Russian).
  2. N.A.Smirnova, J.Ringland and E.B.Smith. On computer simulations of mixing functions of associated solutions. Bulletin of the Academy of Sciences of USSR (DAN SSSR). 1970. Vol. 193. P. 139-142. (in Russian).
  3. N.A.Smirnova. Application of the lattice multulayer model for the study of concentration and orientation inhomogeneouty of the solution interface. I. General equations for the concentration and orientation profiles. Colloid Journal (in Russian). 1973. Vol. 35. P. 1090-1099.
  4. E.M.Piotrovskaya, P.N.Vorontzov-Velyaminov,N.A.Smirnova. Monte-Carlo simulations for a two-dimensional lattice model of a binary solution. Ibid. 1973. P. 111-127. (in Russian).
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