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Liquid Crystals and their Application
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Zhidkie kristally i ikh prakticheskoe ispol'zovanie

Жидкие кристаллы и их практическое использование

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Zhidk. krist. ikh prakt. ispol'z. = Liq. Cryst. and their Appl., 2008, 4, 26—35.

Anisotropy of Local Field and Dispersion of Refractive Indices in Uniaxial Liquid Crystals

E. M. Aver'yanov

Author affiliations
Kirensky Institute of Physics SB RAS
Krasnoyarsk 660036. Russia. 

A method for the determination of the components Lj of the Lorentz tenzor in uniaxial liquid crystals from experimental dependences nj(&lanbda;) of the refractive indices on the light wavelength in the visible range was proposed and realized. The method was confirmed for a number of nematics and smectic A with known components Lj obtained earlier by independent spectral methods. The precision of new method is limited by the precision of the refractometry and noticeably exceeds the precision of the spectral methods.

Keywords: liquid crystals, local field, refractometry, dispersion of the refractive indices

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