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Liquid Crystals and their Application
Russian Journal

Zhidkie kristally i ikh prakticheskoe ispol'zovanie

Жидкие кристаллы и их практическое использование

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Zhidk. krist. ikh prakt. ispol'z. = Liq. Cryst. and their Appl., 2009, 1, 63—70.

Effect of the Mesomorphic State of Poly(Propyleneimine)Dendrimer on Sorption Properties Under Conditions of Gas Chromatography

S. V. Blokhina1, N. V. Usoltseva2, M. V. Ol'khovich1, A. V. Sharapova1, A. N. Trostin3

Author affiliations
1Institute of Solution Chemistry, Russian Academy of Sciences
153045 Ivanovo, Akademicheskaya Str., 1. 
2Ivanovo State University,
153025 Ivanovo, Ermak str., 39
3Ivanovo State University of Chemistry and Technology
153460 Ivanovo, Av. F. Engel’s, 7.

Basic relationships between thermodynamic parameters of solution of n-alkanes and n-alcohols and the phase state of the poly(propyleneimine)dendrimer solvent, the hydrocarbon chain length and polarity of low-molecular components of the binary systems mesogen–non-mesogen at infinite dilution were discussed. Contributions of the universal and specific intermolecular interactions in the studied solutions were determined.

Keywords: liquid crystalline poly(propyleneimine) dendrimer, IGC; thermodynamic parameters of solution

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